Company Profile
Company Name : PT BANK SINARMAS Tbk.
Head Office : Sinar Mas Land Plaza, Tower 1, 8th Floor
    Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 51 – Jakarta 10350
Phone : (021) 31990101
Fax : (021) 31990401
Telex : 67171 SHINPS IA
I-Telex : 867171
Company Vision
"To become the leading bank with complete distribution network and excellent service"
Company Mission
  1. Expanding the branch network to penetrate the market and funding at the centers of the SME and corporate scale business sector.
  2. Expanding the customer base, ranging from small to corporate customers, through cooperation with financial institutions and other business partners.
  3. Improving the ability of Information Technology and Human Resources in order to provide the best service through complete payment system.
  4. Civilize Risk Management system in accordance with the principles of prudence and good corporate governance.
A Glance at Bank Sinarmas
In 2005 PT. Sinar Mas Multiartha, Tbk, which is a Business Group Sinarmas under its Financial Services business group to take over PT. Bank Shinta Indonesia which was established in 1989 which became operational since March 1990. PT. Bank Shinta Indonesia experienced a change of name to Bank Sinarmas in December 2006.

In an effort to meet the directives of Bank Indonesia, which are for commercial banks to go public soon became the company so that their shares can be owned by the general public, then in 2010 after obtaining the approval from the competent authorities, precisely on December 13, the Bank first listed its stock Indonesia Stock Exchange thus increasing the capital structure of Rp. 160 billion, from Rp. 568 billion to Rp. 728 billion.

Society's interest to have a high enough Bank Shares, this is because by encouraging business growth and significant enough, this can be seen in total assets at end-December 2010 amounted to 11.2 trillion, growing office network to 110 offices spread almost all provinces in Indonesia and are connected in real time on-line banking and information technology that has been achieved.

As a private national bank, the Bank has consistently expand its market share amid the challenge of emerging markets in Indonesia. Effort and initiative is required to meet the needs of our customers and the community, the business activity that was originally on the market of small business financing, medium and micro enterprises to grow in commercial and consumer financing.

Facilities demands sophisticated information technology in the present and future of banking challenge to provide best service to the community. Therefore, in 2007 the Bank facilitating an integrated banking technology is not limited to space and time ie, Phone Banking, Internet Banking, and Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). Purposes in this IT field from time to time continue to be developed in line with business needs.

The Bank stepped forward to develop themselves continuously with high enthusiasm and commitment from the shareholders, trustees and employees of the Bank to improve the quality of service with the highest standard to customers and is accompanied by a strong financial structure, the Bank will make as a Leading Bank Indonesia



Founded in 1989 by deed No.52 dated August 18, 1989, prepared by Buniarti Tjandra, SH., Notary in Jakarta, and was changed by deed No. 44 dated August 27, 1998, prepared by Djedjem Widjaja, SH., MH., Notary in Jakarta and was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia pursuant to the letter C2-27970.HT.01.04.Th decision. 98 dated December 14, 1998 and published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia on June 21, 2005 number 49 added no 6449/2005.

Bank Status : Bank Devisa
Authorized Capital : IDR 6,000,000,000,000


Shareholders December 2016
Number of Shares Percentage Ownership Amount Paid
  1. PT Sinarmas Multiartha Tbk.   8.550.092.040  

   56.06 %


  2. PT Shinta Utama    391.069.939  

  2,56 %


  3. Masyarakat    6.310.542.357  

 41,38 %


Total:     15.251.704.336  

  100.00 %



Milestones up to the year 2013  
Bank Sinarmas established
Established a branch offices in Bandung
Appointed as Tax Collection Bank by Minister of Finance
Become Commercial Bank Foreign Exchange
Established a branch office in Surabaya
Paid Up Capital Increase to IDR 50 billion
PT. Sinar Mas Multiartha Tbk and PT Sinar Mas Multifinance become the majority shareholder with the aim of bringing Sinarmas Bank became one of the leading banks and trusted
The increase in members of the Board of Commissioners of 1 (one) to 3 (three)
Substitution of Sinarmas Bank logo
The addition of paid up capital to IDR 65 billion.
Relocation of the head office from Jl. Hasyim Ashari 38, Central Jakarta, to Sinarmas Building 51, Jl.MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta
The increase of the Directors of the 2 (two) to 4 (four)
Increase the authorizhed capital from IDR 200 billion to IDR 500 billion
Increase paid in capital to IDR 125 billion
Establishment of 10 (ten) new office situated in Medan, Jambi, Pekan baru, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Cirebon, Makasar, Menado, Bumi Serpong Damai and Denpasar
Relocation of the Bandung branch office from Jl. Naripan No. 11-19, Bandung to Jl. Abdul Rivai No. 2, Bandung
The approval from Minister of Law and Human Rights about change of name from PT Bank Shinta Indonesia to PT Bank Sinarmas
Paid Up Capital Increase to IDR 275 billion
Establishment of 40 (forty) of new office
Relocation of Mangga Dua, Pekan Baru and Denpasar branch offices.
The changes and addition of 1 (one) member of the Board of Directors of the 4 (four) to 5 (five)
Changes in the Board of Commissioners
Received an award from InfoBank magazine with the title of "Excellent" for financial performance in 2006
Installation of 88 ATM's at all branch offices
The launch of Internet Banking and Electronic Banking
The use of Sinarmas Banking system TEMENOS replace IBS system so that all activities of integrated banks in real on-line in all branches
Organizing bazaar cooking oil to each branch office opening
Paid Up Capital Increase to IDR 425 billion  
Establishment of 22 (twenty two) new office  
Relocation of Malang, Jambi, Kali Deres, and Gunung Sahari branch offices  
Installation of 61 ATMs at all branch offices  
Paid Up Capital Increase to IDR 525 billion  
Establishment of 18 (eighteen) new office  
Relocation of Lampung, Semarang, Senen, Manado, Tasikmalaya branch offices  
Installation of 162 ATMs at all branch offices  
Establishment of Syariah Business Unit PT. Bank Sinarmas  
PT. Bank Sinarmas has been approved by Bappebti as depositary bank margins, compensation fund and guarantee fund
Legalization of Bapepam to PT. Bank Sinarmas to conduct business activities of Trustees  
Paid Up Capital Increase to IDR 728 billion  
Changes in the Bank Sinarmas status as being Go Public Company  
Establishment of 14 (fourteen) new office  
The number of ATMs was 177 units that operate ATM machines spread all over Indonesia  
Change of Members of the Board of Commissioners  
Addition of 2 (two) Board of Directors  
Paid Up Capital Increase to IDR908 billion  
Excercise warrants first series raising public stock to 40 % in bank sinarmas  
Total 262 Office in 119 cities in indonesia  
Launching tag line "We Always Care"  
The annual GMS and remarkable GMS  
Do Public Expose  
Limited Public Offering I (PUT I), Making additon of paid capital to IDR 1.028 billion  
Change board of Commissioners and Directors
Total 265 Office in 120 cities in indonesia  
Paid Up Capital Increase to IDR1.299 billion  
Annual General meeting of shareholders and the general meeting of shareholders extraordinary
Change the Board of Director  
Total 380 Office spread across 156 cities in Indonesia  
Implementation Public Expose  
503 units ATM machines spread all over Indonesia  

"All staff and management of Sinarmas Bank have the same vision and commitment
to become the best partner to customers."