Internet Banking
Activation Internet Banking
Process activation Internet Banking for personal customer
  • Do the activation via
  • Enter your username : ACT-******************
  • Enter your password : PIN registration made at ATM (6 digits)
  • Click Login
  • Enter your active account e-mail
  • Click"Send"
  • Check your email, klik hyperlink activation Internet Banking in your e-mail
  • Re-enter PIN registration made at ATM (6 digits)
  • Enter your username 8 s/d 20 character alphanumeric
  • Enter your password 8 s/d 20 character alphanumeric
  • Re-enter your password
  • Click Activate
  • Perform confirmation screen, Klik "Confirm"
  • Perform confirmation success, customer can select "Close" or "Transaction"
Process activation Internet Banking for corporate customer
1. Activation can be execute when your token have been activated. Token activation time is 1 x 24 hour after your registration.
2. Internet Banking activation steps:
  i. You will receive activation e-mail.

The content :
Dear Mr./Mrs. USER,
Our internet banking system has create new user for You, here is your personal info :
You're registered as Owner of the account.
Your current Activation Code is ACT-001183431602731840015
Please clicking this link to your user account Activation
If you can't click the link, please follow this address :

or just copy to your address bar and press enter
You will need to have your SimasKey for activation.
Your SimasKey will be activated three day after your registration (H+3)
You will have to pick new login name & password for your security and convenience.
For more information, please contact our Bank Sinarmas CARE 500 153 (021-500 88888) or email to :

  iii. After you click activate, automatically will appear first page of activation step which content:
  • Filled Activation code text box

  • Pass code textbox. Fill by 6 digit number which appear inside your pin mailer envelope.

  • Then click submit.
  iv. Page II you should create your own username and password. Term an condition as follow:
  • login name must consist 8 to 20 character alphanumeric with no special character

  • login password must consist 8 to 20 character alphanumeric with no special character

  • click activate or cancel the process by clicking the cancel button.
Page III is confirmation page. Click back to change your profile, username, and password or confirm if your data Is correct.
  vi. Page IV will appear if your activation success. You can start to do transaction by click do transaction or close to leave.
Now you are already registered as Internet banking user. Please visit our website to do transaction.
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