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Whistleblowing System


Bank Sinarmas is fully committed to always apply Good Corporate Governance principles in our business activities to create a trustful company for the stakeholders, with superior performance and sustainable growth.

As one of the commitments, Bank Sinarmas has Whistleblowing System as the communication channel for the stakeholders, internally or externally, to report any indication of Fraud, Code of Ethics Violation, Conflict of Interest, and other Law Violations.


Whistleblowing is a disclosure of violation or legal violation, unethical/immoral conduct, or other action which is detrimental to the Bank or the stakeholders, conducted by the employees or organization’s leader so that the violation can be proven and followed up.

Whistleblower is a person who informs the authorized party about an allegation of dishonest acts, harassment, bribery and/or other crimes that violate the Bank’s internal regulation or the law and occur in the bank’s environment.

Conflict of interest is a condition where the employee of a company while performing their duties and obligations has another interest in addition to the company’s interest, either related to the personal and family interest, or other parties’ interest, so the employee is possibly losing their objectivity in making a decision or policy in accordance with the authority granted by the company to them.

Fraud is an intentional deviation or deliberation to trick, cheat, or manipulate the Bank, customers, or other parties, occurs in the Bank’s environment and/or employs the Bank’s facility, resulting in the Bank, customers, or other parties’ losses and/or the perpetrator’s financial benefits, both directly and indirectly.

Actions classified as fraud are:

  • Fradulant
  • Deception
  • Embezzlement
  • Information leakage
  • Banking Criminal
  • Other violations


  • As a means for the informant in reporting any frauds, untuk melaporkan tindakan fraud, violation of the law, code of ethics, and/or conflict of interest, without feeling afraid or worried since the confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • To detect and prevent any frauds as early as possible.

Complain channel

Both parties, internal and external, may make Violation Reporting (Whistleblowing) to Bank Sinarmas, managed by Whistleblowing Officer.

Communication channels provided by Bank Sinarmas for this reporting are:

Email : infokan@banksinarmas.com
Telepon : 0881-1500-153
Whatsapp/Line : 0881-1500-153
Mail : Bank Sinarmas Kantor Pusat Non Operasinal - Kepala Divisi Anti Fraud
PT Bank Sinarmas Tbk
Gedung Roxy Square Lantai 3
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Form of Complaint

Dowload the form of complaint, click here

Things to be completed by the Informer

The report of infractions conveyed by the informers at least contains and explains the following things:

  • Kind of infraction happens (what)
  • People who are involved in the infraction (who)
  • The time the infraction happens (when)
  • The place where the infraction happens (where)
  • How the infraction happens (how)
  • The amount of potential loss inflicted (how much)

Protection for Informers

Bank Sinarmas is committed to give support and protection to every informer who have a good intention based on the relevant rules and regulation and applicable best practices in the implementation of protection system to the informers which include:

  • Assurance of the informers’ identity confidentiality and of the report contents they convey.
  • Assurance of protection against the harmful treatment against the informers.
  • Assurance of protection against the possibility of the acts of threat, intimidation, punishment or any inconvenient acts from the informers.
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