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PT Bank Sinarmas Tbk. was established on 18 August 1989 based on the Deed of Establishment Number 52 dated 18 August 1989 from Buniarti Tjandra, S.H., Notary Public in Jakarta, namely PT Bank Shinta Indonesia and has been changed into Deed Number 91 dated 15 September 1989 from the similar notary public.

Bank obtained a status as Public Foreign Exchange Bank in 1995. In 2005, the journey of the Bank entered a new stage after PT Sinar Mas Multiartha Tbk., a company of financial services under Kelompok Usaha Sinar Mas (Business Group of Sinar Mas) took over 21% of share at PT Bank Shinta Indonesia.

In December 2006, Bank replaced the name into PT Bank Sinarmas. The name replacement had been agreed through General Meeting of Extraordinary Shareholders written on the Deed Number 1 dated 21 November 2006 from Triphosa Lily Ekadewi, S.H., notary public in Jakarta.

In 2009, Bank Sinarmas obtained a permit to build Unit Usaha Syariah (UUS or Sharia Business Unit), based on the Decision of Deputy of Governor of Bank Indonesia Number 11/13/KEP. Dpg/2009 concerning Granting Business License of Usaha Unit Usaha Syariah (UUS or Sharia Business Unit) of PT Bank Sinarmas and in the same year, Bank received a legalization from Bapepam (recently known as OJK or Financial Services Authority) to run a business activity of Wali Amanat (Mandate Proxy).

On 13 December 2010, Bank Sinarmas conducted Initial Public Offering /IPO with a capital structure as much as IDR728 billion and by issuing Warrant Series I. Meanwhile, the corporation actions conducted by Bank Sinarmas after the IPO were as follows:

  • In 2012, Bank conducted the Limited Public Offering I and issued warrant series II.
  • In 2014, Bank performed Capital Addition without the Right to Order Stock First (or PMTHMETD).
  • In 2016, Bank conducted the Limited Public Offering II and issued warrant series III

Vision, Mission, and Values of Bank Sinarmas


“To become a leading Bank in Indonesia with an integrated distribution network and prime services”.


  1. Build excellent financial services to meet the financial needs of the community.
  2. Increasing the capability of Information Technology and Human Resources in order to give the best service through a complete payment system.
  3. Civilizing the Risk Management System based on the principles of carefulness and Good Corporate Government (GCG).

Long-Term Objectives of Bank Sinarmas

"To Become Payment & Transaction Bank with the most complete and integrated distribution network"


  • Agile

    Able to positioning itself, adapted, and open to the velocity of business development, always operates although slowly but not idle "Bu Pa Man, Zhi Pa Zhan" means that we are not idle and do not do nothing, we are demanded to be faster, responsive, and continue to step in every situation in order that we are able to survive amid the tight competition.
    Behavior: Agile, Open and Smart

  • Networking Internationally

    Always build internal, external, or global relationships to support the performance in the business field.
    Behavior: Proactive, Responsive and Brave

  • Constantly Learning

    Develop ideas and knowledge as well as innovate to improve the added value continuously.
    Behavior: Creative, Innovative and Able to Give Solution

  • Reliable

    Committed to work sincerely, therefore, it grows good belief and think based on reliability.
    Behavior: Competent, Capable and Honest

  • Let’s Work Together

    Work together to attain the Bank's goals based on the attitude of care and ("respect") in order that Bank is healthy, strong, profitable, and able to reach our collective dreams.
    Behavior: Able to Work Together, Respect Each Other

Legality of Bank Sinarmas

Name PT. Bank Sinarmas Tbk.
Business Sector Banking
Deed of Establishment 18 August 1989
Legal Base of Establishment Notarial Deed of Buniarti Tjandra, S.H. Number 52 Dated 18 August 1989 legalized by The Ministerial Decree of Minister of Justice of Republic of Indonesia through Decree Number 02-9142.HT.01.01-TH.89 dated 27 September 1989.
Bank Status Foreign Exchange Bank
Stock Exchange Indonesia Stock Exchange
Stock Code BSIM
Telex 67171 SHINPS IA
I-Telex 867171
Business Permit Decree of Minister of Finance of Republic of Indonesia Number 156/KMK.013/1990 dated 16 February 1990.
Head Office PT. Bank Sinarmas Tbk.
Sinar Mas Land Plaza
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 51

Tower I, 1st & 2nd floor
Gondangdia, Menteng
Central Jakarta 10350 – Indonesia
Phone: (+6221) 3199 0101
Customer Care 1500153 and (+6221) 501 88888
E-mail corporate.secretary@banksinarmas.com
Website www.banksinarmas.com
Social Media Facebook : Bank Sinarmas
Twitter : @BankSinarmas
Instagram : @BankSinarmas
Head Office Sinar Mas Land Plaza
Jl. M.H Thamrin kav 51,
Menara 1, Lantai 1 & 2,
Jakarta 10350 - Indonesia
Bank Sinarmas CARE 1500153
(021) 501 88888
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