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It is a service from Bank Sinarmas for an Individual Company, Institution/Foundation in managing the salary payment, Eid Al Fitr allowance (THR) and bonus as well as other routine financial needs for the employees.

What is Payroll?

It is an easy salary payment for all employees in your company on time according to the determined date

Terms and Conditions of Payroll

  • 1Having a Giro Company Account of Bank Sinarmas.
  • 2A minimum balance of giro account is IDR10,000,000.
  • 3The company’s employees shall open a saving account at Bank Sinarmas.

Benefits and Features of Payroll

  • Benefits
    • Easy Transaction
      Easy salary payment for all employees in your company on time according to the determined date.
    • Practice and Safe
      Practical salary payment which is directly received in the employees’ account and it is safe because it is without cash money.
  • Features
    • Valuable time efficiency because it is not necessary to input manually.
    • Fast Cash.
    • Cash withdrawal
    • Online Money Transfer among Bank Sinarmas Accounts.
    • Online Money Transfer to other banks of network members of ATM Bersama, Prima and ALTO.
    • Monthly routine bill payment and voucher payment.
    • Balance inquiry of saving account and individual giro.
    • Information of Exchange Rate.
    • Mini statement for printing your 6 last transactions.
    • Change Debit Card PIN of Bank Sinarmas.
    • Registration of Bank Sinarmas Channel PIN.
    • Registration of Sinarmas Internet Banking.

Tariffs and Fees

Upload System ≥ 1,000 AccountIDR1,000 / account
Upload System < 1,000 AccountIDR1,500 / account
ManuallyIDR1,500 / account


What is meant by Payroll Service?
Simas Payroll is a service from Bank Sinarmas for the service users (Company, Individual, Institution) in managing the salary payment, Eid Al Fitr allowance (THR) and bonus as well as other routine financial needs for the employees of service users.
Who is the target of Payroll service?
  • Individual giro customer/new company/existing Bank Sinarmas.
  • Company that still pay salary manually or company that has run the payment at other banks but the upload cost is more expensive than the one at Bank Sinarmas.
What kinds of facilities that can be obtained by the employees who are registered as the Payroll Customers?
  • Obtaining Bank Sinarmas ATM Card.
  • Easy transaction and free cash withdrawal in all networks of ATM ALTO, Bersama, Prima, VISA/Plus in all over Indonesia (depends on the type of saving account and ATM card used).
  • Easy transaction and cash withdrawal at international ATM machines with logos of MEPS, PLUS, UnionPay and VISA in all over the world.
  • Easy to make transaction with the accesses of SIMOBI, I.- Banking and SMS/Email notification and Phone Banking.
  • Obtaining a special promo at more than 30 thousand of partner merchants with Sinarmas logo.
What is the participation process of Payroll service at the Branch Office?
  • Customers come to the nearby branch office of Bank Sinarmas to open the Giro Rupiah account on behalf of Individual/Company of Salary Payer.
  • Marketing staff of Bank Sinarmas explains the benefits and the requirements as well as the terms and conditions of joining Payroll service.
  • Marketing staff explains the up-load cost of payroll service.
  • Customers fill in and sign the Cooperation Agreement of Payroll Service.
  • Marketing staff gives a form of Bank Sinarmas saving account opening to the HRD division of the Company of Salary Payer.
  • HRD division of the Company returns the form of saving account opening that has been filled in and signed in completely to the marketing staff of Bank Sinarmas.
  • Every month, at least a day before the salary date, HRD of the Company that pays salary sends the employee payroll data in the form of List of Payroll and Referral Letter of CD/USB.
  • The data shall be verified first before being executed by the branch office.
  • If the data that have been verified are already correct, the branch office can perform the payroll process and it is automatically entered into the Employees’ Saving.
  • If the data that have been verified are incorrect, the branch office return the data to ask revision first.
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