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Why choose Simas Magnalink

There are 2 advantages, i.e. a small acquisition cost only for 2 years, and return premium in the sixth years onwards.

The benefits you can get

benefit 1 simas magnalink Protection

Life Insurance Protection if died.

benefit 2 simas magnalink Flexibility

Top up can be done anytime and periodically.
Switching or Withdrawal can be done at any time.

benefit 3 simas magnalink Easiness in Payment

Enjoy the automatic debit payment from the source of funds account, or paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.

Tariff and charges

Insurance FeeDeducted by cancelling certain units per month.
Administration FeeFixed per month regardless of age, in the amount of Rp27,500/US$2,75 per month

Other provisions

  • Currencies: Rupiah & US Dollar
  • Entry Age of the Insured Person: 1 year old (a minimum of 15 days old) – 70 years old
  • Entry Age of the Policyholder: 17 – 85 years old
  • Insurance Period: 100 Years
  • The Sum Insured: A minimum of 5x Annual Principal Premium

*This product is not a Product of the bank. Therefore, it is not guaranteed by the bank and not included in objects covered by the blanket guarantee program of the Government or the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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