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Danamas Pasti

Reksa Dana Pendapatan Tetap yang berhasil meraih sebagai Reksa Dana Pendapatan Tetap Terbaik pada 2013 dengan AUM < Rp. 100 Milyar

Why choose Reksadana Danamas Pasti

Danamas Pasti is a Fixed Income Mutual Fund through investment 80%–100% of which is put in debt securities issued by Indonesian legal entities, Republic of Indonesia Government Bonds, Municipal Bonds, and other debt securities; and 0%–20% of which is on Financial Market Instruments that have a maturity of less than 1 (one) year, Asset-Backed Securities that have been sold in a Public Offering and or Equity Securities along with all of their derivatives that have been sold in a Public Offering, and/or listed on Stock Exchanges both at home and abroad. For the Republic of Indonesia Government Bonds in particular, the investment composition can reach 100% (one hundred percent).

It has been awarded in 2013 as Best Fixed Income Fund from Investor-Infofesta Best Multual Fund Awards for AUM < Rp100 Billion.

It has a relatively low to medium level of risk.

This Reksa Dana product is a Capital Market product (not a Bank product), managed by PT. Sinarmas Asset Management that has more than 25 years of experience in managing public funds and received many awards for the performance of several products under its management.

The benefits you can get

keuntungan reksadana danamas pasti 1 Tax-Free

The sale results of the Mutual Fund Participation Unit has been cleared of Income Tax evasion and thus it is no longer a tax object.

keuntungan reksadana danamas pasti 2 Managed by Professionals

It is managed by PT Sinarmas Asset Management, an experienced Investment Manager in the Capital Market and Money Market.

keuntungan reksadana danamas pasti 3 Right Step

This is the right investment step to achieve optimal results that meet your needs through a variety of Reksa Dana.

keuntungan reksadana danamas pasti 4 Liquid

It can be withdrawn anytime you need.

keuntungan reksadana danamas pasti 5 Free Subscription Fee

Free of Purchase Fee.

keuntungan reksadana danamas pasti 6 Diversified Investments

Spreading investment across various investment portfolios to minimize the risks.

How to apply

  • 1Have an Account at Bank Sinarmas (Single Account).
  • 2The Customer who purchases an Investment Fund Participation Unit for the first time must fill in the following forms:
    • SAM Account Opening Form
    • Investor Profile Form
    • Mutual Fund Participation Unit Purchase Form
  • 3The Customer who makes the next purchase only needs to fill in the Mutual Fund Participation Unit Purchase Form.
  • 4The deadline for transactions (both purchases and sales) is 12.00 of Western Indonesian Time
  • 5Documents that should be attached are:
    A copy of KTP for Indonesian citizensA copy of the valid business license and certificate of company registration
    A copy of Passport for foreignersA copy of a board member’s power of attorney for transactions
    A copy of KTP of the endorsee
    A copy of KTP of board member
    A copy of Deed of Establishment along with Decree of Validation from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
    A copy of the latest company’s Articles of Association
    A copy of the Amendment to the Company's Articles of Association showing the composition of Share Ownership
    A copy of the deed of meeting decision on the latest composition of the board members
    Financial statements (audited) of the last period
    A copy of the certificate of domicile
  • 6Account for Danamas Pasti Purchase:
    • Bank Sinarmas Thamrin Branch-Jakarta
    • A/N : Subcription Danamas Pasti
    • A/C : 0036442352
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Tariff and charges

Minimum (Initial) Investment/Minimum PurchaseRp500,000
Next Investment/Next Minimum PurchaseRp500,000
Minimum ResaleRp100,000
Minimum Balance After SalesRp500,000
Unit Purchase FeeFree
Resale Fee< 3 Months: 1.00%
≥ 3 Months: 0.00%


Siapakah Manager Investasi dan Bank Kustodian yang mengelola Reksa Dana Danamas Pasti?

Manager Investasi : PT. Sinarmas Asset Management
Bank Kustodian : PT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk

Apakah Reksa Dana Danamas Pasti termasuk dalam cakupan LPS?
  • Reksa Dana adalah produk pasar modal dan bukan merupakan produk Bank sehingga tidak dijamin oleh Bank serta tidak termasuk dalam cakupan obyek program penjaminan Pemerintah atau penjaminan simpanan.
  • Untuk ikut melindungi nasabah, maka Bank Sinarmas hanya menjual Reksa Dana yang dikelola oleh Manajer Investasi terpilih dan telah berpengalaman.
Dimana NAB dan kinerja Reksa Dana Danamas Pasti dapat diakses?

Nasabah dapat mengakses data tersebut melalui web Sinarmas Asset Management di sini, untuk melihat return per periode dapat diakses pada menu produk

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