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Export-Import-L/C and SKBDN - Sight/Atas Unjuk

Why Choose Export-Import-L/C and SKBDN - Sight/Atas Unjuk

Bank Sinarmas’ service in invoicing the customers’ export/commodity sale bills on L/C Sight and/or SKBDN Atas Unjuk received by the customers.

How to register

  • 1Customer submits the original copy of L/C and/or SKBDN (if the forwarding of L/C and/or SKBDN is not through Bank Sinarmas).
  • 2Customer submits the original documents of export/commodity delivery according to the requirements of L/C and/or SKBDN.
  • 3Customer submits the document copy of Pemberitahuan Ekspor Barang (PEB or Commodity Export Notice) for abroad commodity sale.
  • 4Customer makes and submits a cover letter of request on the document process and Bill of Exchange.
  • 5Bank Sinarmas will credit the fund to the customer's account at Bank Sinarmas at the time when Bank Sinarmas receives the payment in the method of At Sight/Atas Unjuk from the issuing bank.

Tariffs and Fees

The costs of Forwarding and Changes in LC/SKBDN

Customer :

  • Free (If Collection/Nego/Discount at Bank Sinarmas)
  • IDR300,000 (If Collection/Nego/Discount are not at Bank Sinarmas)

Non Customer: IDR500,000

Transfer of LC/SKBDN
  • Internal : IDR500,000
  • Other Banks : IDR750,000
Collection Commission of LC/SKBDN (USD)0.125% min USD35
Collection Commission of LC/SKBDN (IDR)0.125% min IDR350,000
Document Delivery Cost (DHL)
  • Domestic: IDR100,000
  • Overseas: USD25/USD50


How long the time needed to process the invoicing of L/C and/or SKBDN?

If we receive the documents before 12:00 in the working days, we can send the documents to the issuing bank on the similar day. If we receive the documents after 12:00, we will send the documents to the issuing bank on the following day. The period of payment receipt depends on the issuing bank of L/C and/or SKBDN.

Can I receive further explanation related to the transaction sheme and procedure of how to fill in the documents and the necessary letter of request?

Customer can contact our Account Officer at our nearby Branch Office. The Contact Numbers of Branch Offices can be seen on the website of Bank Sinarmas on the column of Kontak Kantor Cabang (Contacts of Branch Offices)

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