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Kredit Mikro

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Why choose Kredit Mikro

Business is getting ahead with Bank Sinarmas’ Microcredit.

We are ready to support your business with micro products:

Product Limit Term Interest Rate
Simas KUK50 million - 500 million6 months - 60 months0.9% - 1.25% flat p.m.
Simas UKM>500 million - 2 billion 6 months - 84 months15% - 17% flat p.a.

Bank Sinarmas’ microcredit is credit intended to support every activity of your business as well as your business needs, such as :

  • Working capital
  • Investment for business support facilities, e.g.
    • warehouse
    • new branch opening
    • machinery
    • vehicles
    • etc.

Easy process (You call, here we come) and fast approval, in addition to the certainty of the competitive interest rate. Payment patterns can be term loan/demand loan/overdraft for a certain limit. Top Up is allowed in accordance with the needs and conditions.

The benefits you can get

benefit 1 kredit mikro Many Branches

Microcredit service offices are located in several Functional Offices/Sub-branch Offices/Branches of Bank Sinarmas

benefit 2 kredit mikro Individual/Corporate

The Customer may apply on behalf of individuals or Legal/Business Entity in accordance with the product features

benefit 3 kredit mikro Payment

Payment pattern can be adjusted to the product features and paid anywhere, anytime, through a bank transfer

benefit 4 kredit mikro Fixed Interest Rate

The certainty of a fixed and competitive interest rate

benefit 5 kredit mikro Quick Process

Because we pick up every application from the Customer and process it in the microcredit service offices.

benefit 6 kredit mikro Top Up

Possible to apply Top Up in accordance with needs and conditions.

How to apply

Submit the application on Bank Sinarmas website, or visit Bank Sinarmas Branch Office nearby by providing application requirements as follow:

  • 1The Customer submits the application of microcredit at our service offices or contacts our nearest Marketing
  • 2A Copy of Husband and Wife’s ID Card
  • 3A Copy of Family Registers & the Certificate of Marriage/Divorce and/Death
  • 4A Copy of TIN
  • 5A Copy Business License/Certificate of Company Registration/Certificate of Business Domicile (for certain limit)
  • 6A Copy of Account Mutation (for certain limit)
  • 7A Copy of collateral ownership (Vehicle Ownership Documents, Freehold Title, Building Rights Title, Freehold Title of Apartment Unit)
  • 8Open a Savings Account at Bank Sinarmas

Tariff and charges

Product Provision
Simas KUK1%
Simas UKM1%
Administration Fee
Simas KUKRp200,000 s/d Rp2,000,000
Simas UKMRp200,000 s/d Rp2,000,000
InsuranceAccording to the partner’s insurance rate
Notary PublicAccording to the partner’s insurance rate


Where can we submit the application of Bank Sinarmas’ microcredit?

At all Functional Offices/Sub-branches/Branches of Bank Sinarmas who have microcredit service, such as Sumatera, Jabotabek, Java, Bali, Mataram, Makassar, Balikpapan

Who can submit the application of Bank Sinarmas’ microcredit?

Everyone who runs a business, both on behalf of individuals and legal/business entity

How long is the process?

On average 3 working days after the documents are received by Bank Sinarmas and declared complete

Is the microcredit of Bank Sinarmas has Overdraft Facility?

Yes, an overdraft facility is given to above 500 million limits in accordance with the business condition and allowing the revolving every 1 year

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